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Welcome to Secretarial and Transcription Team

The twenty-first century North American business landscape is noisy and fierce. The modern professional, organization, or business owner must compete with numerous other brands in the marketplace, as well as keep their finances in order and streamline their processes. 

We at Secretarial Team propose to take transcription, secretarial, and administrative duties off your plate so you can devote your precious work hours to the essence of your business. 

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By Josh 14 Nov, 2017

As the holiday season approaches, money is at the top of many minds. It’s also a great time to begin imparting some financial wisdom to your children. Experts agree that it’s good to start early when it comes to educating your kids about money. According to Parents magazine, children around ages five and six years old are beginning to develop the cognitive skills to understand the basic ideas that underlie money, like recognizing coins and counting change. With that in mind, below is a guide to helping you educate your children about the value of money.

By Josh 10 Oct, 2017

Spreading success stories within your business is where these two concepts intersect. As a business owner, you can invest time and money into market research and other endeavours, but if your employees aren’t on board – or if they feel their wins will go unrecognized – you won’t be poised to succeed.

Here are some tips on how to communicate stories of success within your business.

A Clear Mission Statement

Do not underestimate the importance of having a clear, well-articulated mission statement for your business, vision and values. Every employee should inherently understand what your company is about and how it does business, even if it’s as simple as Google’s once-famous “don’t be evil” creed.

It’s also important that employees feel involved in this process, and that the company’s values largely reflect their own. A good way to instill this understanding on your team is to hold regular strategy sessions to discuss these issues. This makes your staff feel like they have a stake in the business on a deeper level than simply the place they go every day to collect a paycheque.

Internal Branding

Once your company’s vision has been developed, it’s crucial to get it in front of your staff. A great way to do this is to have branded company posters put up in the office, preferably with some wording or imagery that reinforces your company’s ideals and vision, to instill those values in your staff and have your company culture front and centre. Another way to accomplish this is to have a document that similarly outlines your company’s vision and goals, as well as how to put them into practice on a day-to-day level on the ground. Let everyone on your team know they have a role to play, and communicate it to them clearly.

Celebrate Success

The details of exactly how you spread stories of success within your company – company intranet, regular email bulletins, a simple news or announcement board in a common area of the office – is not as important as the fact that you’re doing it. In addition to housekeeping things like staff changes or announcements of upcoming events, this is also an ideal way to communicate wins to the rest of the team.

Give personalized shout-outs if possible (depending on the size of your operation this may not be practical), or maybe a running list of top sellers or performers. If your staff sees themselves talked up to the rest of the company, then you’re on your way to creating a stronger company culture. Allow team members to reply with questions, and consider including a less formal portion that will allow you to highlight other victories, such as charity work and other staff accomplishments.

Reward Success

Recognizing success among your team is great, but rewarding success will not only make the person being rewarded feel appreciated, it will also inspire the rest of your team to try to achieve more. One way to do this is to employ a three-step method of highlighting and rewarding success: a personal compliment, a public congratulation and a reward.

A personalized email or hand-written card congratulating an employee on their win can really mean a lot to a person, and push them to achieve even more. Announcing that achievement to the rest of the team (as above, whether it’s through a company intranet or office-wide e-bulletin or in a regular team meeting), will make that person feel even more respected and valued. As far as a reward goes, you can keep it small (as it’s the thought that counts), whether it’s a gift card, an extended team lunch (a reward that the whole team can benefit from) or something else along those lines.

Sharing stories of success within a company is a key driver of success. Failure to do so can leave your employees feeling disconnected and unappreciated, like the hard work they’re putting in has no payoff beyond their salary. This can quickly have your team touching up their LinkedIn resumes and scrolling through Indeed job listings on their downtime. If you let everyone at the organization know about wins, and share the love and appreciation for those wins with your staff, you’re building a positive company culture that rewards success, and, most importantly, makes your staff want to succeed on behalf of the company.

--Justin Anderson

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